Monday, July 23, 2018

Finally some weed control for the fairways!

Hello everyone, this last Friday we were finally able to start some weed control in our fairways. I had been waiting for over a week for the right weather conditions and it so happen to be on a Friday. We started on the back side in order to avoid the golfers. The plan was to spray the backside and a few on the front side before we got too busy to continue. We only cut the fairways we were not spraying. I allowed the fairways to grow all week in order to get maximum leaf tissue on the weeds to treat.
We will continue on Monday with spraying the green slopes first and then the rest of the Fairways, if the weather continue to hold out.

I want to remind all that greens aerification is planned for next Monday. it will be the same as the beginning of June.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Completed aerification of all greens this week

Monday we aerified all regular greens and had them topdressed.

One of the biggest task associated with this process is the removal of the cores that we are pulling out of our greens. With a target of 15%-20% of 4" deep soil removal and replacement we end up with approximately a 12 yard dump truck full of plugs. all of this has to cleaned up and hauled away to areas on the course where we need fill in material. 

We need these piles of cores removed from the edges of the green before we are able to start dragging the sand into them to fill the holes.  

Since we only operate with a five man summer crew plus one extra if we can get it this always takes us two days to complete.

This is the break down of the process for us
    1- Man walk aerifies the greens
    1- Man topdresses greens
    3- Men pick up plugs
We set our goal of completing the Topdressing and Aerification of all 18 regulation greens, picking up cores 1-13 on Monday while the course is closed.
on Tuesday we complete the topdressing and aerification of the Practice greens and picking up all cores and we drag the sand into all 21 greens before leaving.
On Wednesday we Roll the greens to start removing the tire tracks
On thursday we check all greens to see if we need to topdress more or just roll the greens more. 

After the rolling is complete we start watering the greens heavy to promote growing. we also fertilize the greens.

At some point when I am satisfied with the progress we will verticut the greens to lift sand up and level it back out and then drag that sand back into the greens to level them out the rest of the way. this is again followed by rolling. 


Monday, May 28, 2018

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

The course will be open today with a few special things happening. please come by or contact the club to see what is happening.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Drought conditions and using our irrigation system

   So far we have received 1.1" of rain within the last 6 weeks. On a golf course this constitutes a drought. During drought conditions we are forced to rely on our irrigation system to supply our turf with enough water to sustain itself. During spring droughts it turns into a daily need, due to the need to grow our turf back in due to the winter season. A lot of courses experience a transition period where the main turf has to re-establish itself from a period of dormancy. Due to the type of Bermuda grass we have on our course it has always taken until the summer months for our turf to thicken up. In some years extreme cold temperatures will cause desiccation of the turf, which is basically the dying off of the root system as well as the top dormant leaf tissue. We do see this on our course from time to time.
   The point I am getting to, is that during spring transitions we are attempting to grow our turf back in and when you add a drought to the situation it takes even longer to achieve. In order to get this done, we have to use our irrigation system nightly to the tune of 500,000 - 750,000 gallons of water per night! On top of that we may also have to run sprinkler heads in certain areas during the day to help keep these thin areas wet.
   We have been having a lot of issues with our 20 year old irrigation system lately. I know the members that play in the morning hours have seen myself and Ricky out making repairs to different heads and running a lot of test to get them all running properly.

   How can you help this situation!
Simple things make a biggest difference! 
Do not drive your cart through any thin or bare dirt areas (causes compaction)!
If the turf looks yellow or white avoid driving through these areas also (drought stressed)!
Notify myself or the Proshop if you see a sprinkler head leaking, on with a flooded out area and or, broken!
Stay off # 7 fairway past the ditch!


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Greens aerification dates for 2018

are June 4th and August 6th

on both of these dates we will be pulling 1/2" cores.

expect the course to be closed on the Monday of the aerification and 9 holes open on the Tuesday as we complete the process.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Things going on this week

Cold weather this week has set the turf back again

Well with the 40 degree nights we got two days this week all of our turf is browning back out again.

This may cause faster green speeds until they start greening back up.

We are also using the calm wind days to spray out some of the clovers around the course.

Things on or fix list

Repair holes in the entrance road
Spray roundup around ditches and old tree stumps
Fertilize Greens and Tees
Spray for mole crickets on greens and slopes (waiting for more warm weather)
Weedeat and spray around ponds
Build a plan to repair concrete bridge

Friday, March 10, 2017

overhead pictures

I'm really looking forward to using my new toy around the course this year. I plan on getting the bird going as soon as we get green. you can expect to see many pictures in the near future, some of which we will be using in advertising on our clubs web page.

Our greens aerification dates are now set.

We will be aerifying our greens on May 1st and July 31st. this year.
We will be making the medium sized holes we have been using for the last few years. You may expect the club to be closed the Monday we aerifye and 9 holes closed the Tuesday while we try to get the holes filled with sand.

It certainly feels like spring is here! here's what we are doing on the course

This week we sprayed our greens for the Poa. we have one more application to put out in two more weeks.

We are hoping that the weather will permit us to spray out the clovers throughout the course next week (low winds)

During our board meeting this past Wednesday, we had a discussion about building a plan to repair our concrete bridge that goes to #16 tee. With erosion from under the bridge caused by nutria rats we had a 20' long area that has been sinking, causing the bridge to drop about 8"-12". We took action about 5 years ago to shore up the outer chain wall, in hopes of keeping it from collapsing. We are currently having meetings to discuss our options. knowing we have a very tight budget we have to find very cheap solutions. I am hopeful we can come up with a solution that we can implement  before summer. Whatever we decide to do, it will still take 6-12 months to settle before we can pour the concrete cart path.

I will keep you updated as I get new information.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Poa annua on our greens?

I have been ask why the poa annua is so bad on greens #8 and #17 even though we sprayed them back in December. This is actually a good reason why I attend my National golf course conference. I learned a few weeks ago that Superintendents across the nation has been seeing a resistance building up to certain herbicides on Poa Annua. We have known for a long time that resistance could build up towards fungicides, much like the human body can build up resistance to certain antibiotics if we do not alternate them. Until recently we had not seen any sign of resistance to herbicides. This has actually caused agronomist to go back to square one and change our old habits of use what works best to making sure we use different classes of herbicides.

Bottom line is that going into the future we will need to use other chemicals even if they cost more. For now I still have one more application for the greens as soon as weather permits.