Monday, October 13, 2014

Bunker on #14 finally completed

We finally completed the bunker on #14 and had enough sand left over to add some into bunkers #3, #7, #10 and #16.
Our next bunker scheduled for renovation will be the front left bunker on #18.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall weather has arrived

Boy it sure feels great this morning! Just a little breezy, but the temperature is wonderful.

We have our Seniors club championship tournament this weekend and will be working on cleaning up the course and getting everything marked off. We sprayed our fairways with the growth regulator Primo over the weekend so by this coming weekend they should be looking a lot better and not as shaggy. Our greens are starting to fill back in from the severe verticutting last week and should also be in good shape. let me know if you see anything we may have missed and we will get it tidied up.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Verticutting greens

Hello everyone, This past Monday we verticut the greens due to how thick the front side were getting. In most cases it was causing our greensmower to scalp the greens. We ended up having to remove the maximum of material as possible from the greens in order to try to get it back under control. You will notice the damage to the greens the most on holes 1-9 and 12 as they had the biggest issues with it. Getting into the greens this severe will take another week for the to heal back up. Rest assure that we are working towards getting back up to your standards as quickly as possible.

What you see here is the turf that is giving us problems. This was taken right after verticutting and you can see how much or the turf is standing up and how thick it is compared to the rest of the green. Some may call this contamination since it does not grow like the rest of the turf does. These are the areas that have been scalped back.

This is what is happening to the high turf you see standing up when we cut!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Aerification complete!

Hello everyone, we have now completed the aerification process on our greens and wait for the holes to complete growing over. We have also added many nutrients to the soil to help the root system develope before the winter season gets here.

We have also edged all of our bunkers on the course and wait for the fall to arrive.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Spraying weeds and cutting dead trees

Just a small course update, We have cut out three dead trees from the course this last week. We have also aerified our tees again and have returned to our spraying of the weeds in the fairways and tees. We are scheduled to aerifye the greens on August 18th (pulling cores).

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

swim invitational weekend

A heads up to our membership that this weekend is our big swim invitational. This thing is so big we have to use over half of the driving range just for parking (as well as our parking lot). What this means is that the golf course will be played a little different in that you will not start from the #1 tee but instead it will either be #13 or #16 tee you will start from. We will also have a number of holes that will be shortened up to keep stray golf balls from hitting any of the cars of participant's in the swim meet.

Most of the tents, bleachers and food trucks will be delivered on Thursday and Friday. Please be patient as we only have to live through this once every 7 years.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Filling in the holes

This has been a very challenging aerification process for us this year. After receiving 10" of rain during the week we aerified we we unable to put any sand on the greens to fill the holes in with. To top that off the greens were so wet and soft (due to the holes) we could not even cut them the whole week. We did roll them three times in hopes of making them roll better. Monday we were finally dry enough to top dress the greens and we loaded them down with sand. the issue is that the turf has already grown tall enough to slow down the process of dragging the sand into the holes which requires even more sand.
Before we could add more sand we had a couple of chemical applications that needed to be done to the greens. One that was done Tuesday and was a herbicide for goose grass/crab grass and the one we did today was a fungicide for the Fairy Ring. we are now topdressing again and will be dragging them in again right after. With only a four day week due to the 4th of July we still have hopes of having them put as well as possible by the weekend.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Greens Aerification

This week was our scheduled aerification for our greens, Even after 3" of rain Sunday night we were still able to start pulling plugs on Monday. Halfway through we developed a leaking tire on our aerification tractor which got worse as the day went on to the point of us finally having to stop. After ordering two new $850 each tires and mounting them we were able to again resume the aerification on Wednesday afternoon. We managed to get all but 4 greens completed before getting hammered with rain once again. We were finally able to complete the last greens Thursday morning.
While we were able to punch all of the holes we are still not able to put sand on the greens or try to cut them down. Currently I am hopeful that we can topdress them on Monday.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New swimming pool pumps and salt water conversion.

Last week we started the 1st stage of our salt water conversion to our swimming pool. Within the project was the change out of our old pumping system to our pool. Let me first thank everyone that has been involved with the project which would not have been done without these key persons helping out. Bubby Guidry, Stan Gomez, Ronnie Chaupetta, Arthur Parker, David Trege, Mark Hayne (Furbie), and our Assistant/Equipment Technician Richard Troxclair and Myself.

Our 1st stage of this project was the installation of the salt water equipment in which Mr. Stan Gomez was able to get us a super great price on. We plumbed in all of the hardware and dumped 9,000lbs of salt into the pool on Friday. This last Monday we had the salt water pool specialist fly in and give us a class on the programming aspects of the equipment. Tuesday morning Mr. Bubby Guidry sent two of his men over with two brand new stainless steel motor mounts and installed them along with helping us install the new motor and pumps (I cannot express my gratitude for this help enough). After that step was completed Ricky and myself plumbed in the lines for the new pumps and Furbie showed up at the perfect time for us to turn everything back on and test it. We had no issues with the new system and everything worked perfectly (as we would hope for). We actually have more water moving through the new system then I have ever seen in my 20 years at the club which brings me to the last thing I need to mention. Special thanks to David Trege (big nut) for getting the motor and pumps sized and purchased at another great price to the club and also to Ronnie Chaupetta for all of his years of working with the pool and these great guys that have helped us out.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cutting our fairways back down

After 10"+ of rain over the last 2 weeks we having finally been able to cut the fairways again. I feels like we are bailing hay out there. It will take a week of constant cutting in order to get them smooth again as well as getting rid of all of the clippings. Please be patient with us while we get them back into the great shape you were use to.

On a side note, we sprayed all of our fairways Thursday, with weed control that has browned them out completely (we are working on our roughs now). This will help us to get them cut back where we need them to be ad well as remove the weeds. They should start to green back up in about 10-14 days. we plan on fertilizing them after they do start to green back up.