Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fairway aerification

We aerified all of our fairways this week and will be applying fertilizer to them on Thursday!.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Spring Greens Aerification

This week we aerified our greens. Normally punching the holes would be completed in one day. This year seems to be anything but normal. Our tractors water pump broke on us along with the fan punching holes in the radiator. It ended up being Thursday before we were able to it all fixed and complete the aerification process. We topdressed the greens pretty heavy and drug in the sand. We will continue dragging the sand in through next week. We are applying fertilizer today and will be watering them heavy every night. We will also roll the greens ASAP.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Poa Annua and our greens

We have Poa on our greens! I thought we were spraying to keep it out!

These are some of the statements I get from time to time. I will try to explain the issues with Poa on a golf course in the south.

We Superintendents have learned over the years that we actually have two Poa Annua seasons through the winter. The first starts around November and the second generally comes between January and March. The reasoning for this may be that this is generally when our pre-emergents start breaking down.

We sprayed our greens with a chemical called Tranxit last fall to take out any Poa and give us some preventitive action against it. You can see the results on the front approaches of a few greens (like #6) where our sprayer came off the green and the booms did not shut off until they were halfway done making the turn for the next pass. I would generally like to make a second application around February if conditions permit. You need to understand that the chemicals to remove the Poa is a herbicide, and that herbicides will harm our greens turf if the proper conditions are not present. The turf is most succeptable when it is just coming out of dormancy and the tender shoots are fairly new. An application under the wrong conditions could set back our greens for 2-6 weeks if the weather turned colder after application. In our area, our weather never stays cold enough, long enough to assure no damages to the turf. Spraying in the late fall is never a problem because the turf is established from a long growing season.

I am constantly looking for better chemicals to control our weeds. Our problem is that most of the best chemicals are priced out of sight and way out of our budget. but every year certain chemicals lose their patent's and the generic versions are released which then gives us more choices to choose from. Herbicides are the hardest chemicals to use on your greens. Slight mistakes can kill off areas in a heartbeat. Weather conditions can cause these chemicals to even more damage to their root systems. Timing is the key and we are faced with so many different variables it can be difficult to get applications out on time.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

This last week we got back to trimming the Live Oaks along our roadway

We took out a lot of wood from these trees with the goal of helping the turf grow along #12 fairway/rough area. This next week we will take a step back and get back to cleaning up more of the leaves that have fallen in the last two weeks. After that is done we will continue trimming the oaks from #14 through #18.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Taking out the Water Oaks on #7

Our January board meeting had a vote on taking out two Water Oaks from #7, one on the left and one on the right. We took the right one out Monday and the left one out Tuesday. Today we are trimming the live oaks on the right side. Our goal is to get as much sunlight to the fairway as possible in order to allow the turf to grow. We have piled up the firewood size logs around the trees for anyone that wants it. The larger wood (that would need splitting) has been brought to the back by my shop. That is also available to anyone who wants it.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Riverlands "2015"

With the start of 2015 we have set our goals for our course operations pretty high and hope to achieve everything we wanted to. The year of 2014 was not bad maintenancne wise by the standards of the previous years. we were able to get back on track for many of our  chemical programs. we can only hope 2015 will be equally as good if not better! With basically 2 months left of winter we will be getting back to our tree trimming program as well as trying to wrap up a few other projects that had bee put off in 2014.
Lets all try to pull together to make 2015 an even better year then 2014!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Years Eve & New Years day

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Years Day!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday schedule

Hello everyone, I wanted to give everyone a heads up on the clubs schedule for the holidays.

We will be open on Christmas eve until 2:00pm, closed on Christmas day for our employees to enjoy some family time for Christmas.

We will also be closed on New Years day!

From everyone at Riverlands Golf and Country Club, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Is spring here already!

Boy with the 70 degree temperatures this week it sure does feel like spring!

Just a heads up, when it gets warm for more then a few days our greens will start growing out of dormancy again and they will put a little slower. This will all change once it gets cold again.

Friday, November 7, 2014

As winter sets in we all need to be reminded!

As winter is getting closer to setting in on Riverlands Golf and Country Club I thought it would be a great time to remind everyone of a few winter rules we need to abide by. These rules are set in place to help protect your golf course and the turf you enjoy playing on. Please help us keep better care of your course during our winter months!

1) - Frost delays - This may be the most important rule for your turf. When you arrive at our club and you see nothing but winter white everywhere please remember that we are not allowed to walk on the frosted turf. when you step or ride on frosted turf it causes the cells inside of the turf to basically explode which kills the plant tissue. While the temperatures may not be below 32 degrees outside the frost causes a freezing effect. once walked on these areas will die out leaving foot prints or tire tracks that will not heal over until next spring. The same goes for frozen turf. last year we had some people walk around on #5 green when it was frozen which left us with about a 5' section in the middle of the green that stayed dead until mid spring when it finally grew back in.

Your maintenance crew is experienced in frost removal and will do everything within our power to get you out on the course as soon as it is possible. As the winter progresses we will reach a point where we cannot use our irrigation system to remove the frost (the water will just freeze). At this point we will have to wait until the sun thaws out the frost. If we happen to stay cold enough for a long enough time the turf will go dormant. As long as it is completely dormant (down to the crown of the plant) we will be able to waive the frost delay to some extent. For all of the members that drive your carts to the course, do not drive across the frosted fairways straight to the clubhouse. You need to enter the course either through the main roadway, by #6 canal or by #4 green. I know by habit you are used to driving straight out of your backyard onto the course. This is not an option when we have frost on the ground. It is your course please take care of it.

2) freezing weather - We generally do not see to many freeze days during our southern winters. but we have a standing rule if it is 33 degrees or lower the course will be shut down until it warms up. I know we have a few troopers that can play in just about any weather but we need to keep in mind the health of our turf comes first.

3) Tee times and frost delays - Our pro shop staff is responsible for maintaining the tee times in the order they were given with the new starting time of when the course was actually open for play. During the winter you need to expect that on any day your tee times may be shifted by the amount of time of our frost delay! you may contact the pro shop during the morning to check and see about your tee times.