Friday, March 3, 2017

Poa annua on our greens?

I have been ask why the poa annua is so bad on greens #8 and #17 even though we sprayed them back in December. This is actually a good reason why I attend my National golf course conference. I learned a few weeks ago that Superintendents across the nation has been seeing a resistance building up to certain herbicides on Poa Annua. We have known for a long time that resistance could build up towards fungicides, much like the human body can build up resistance to certain antibiotics if we do not alternate them. Until recently we had not seen any sign of resistance to herbicides. This has actually caused agronomist to go back to square one and change our old habits of use what works best to making sure we use different classes of herbicides.

Bottom line is that going into the future we will need to use other chemicals even if they cost more. For now I still have one more application for the greens as soon as weather permits.