Friday, September 19, 2014

Verticutting greens

Hello everyone, This past Monday we verticut the greens due to how thick the front side were getting. In most cases it was causing our greensmower to scalp the greens. We ended up having to remove the maximum of material as possible from the greens in order to try to get it back under control. You will notice the damage to the greens the most on holes 1-9 and 12 as they had the biggest issues with it. Getting into the greens this severe will take another week for the to heal back up. Rest assure that we are working towards getting back up to your standards as quickly as possible.

What you see here is the turf that is giving us problems. This was taken right after verticutting and you can see how much or the turf is standing up and how thick it is compared to the rest of the green. Some may call this contamination since it does not grow like the rest of the turf does. These are the areas that have been scalped back.

This is what is happening to the high turf you see standing up when we cut!