Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Filling in the holes

This has been a very challenging aerification process for us this year. After receiving 10" of rain during the week we aerified we we unable to put any sand on the greens to fill the holes in with. To top that off the greens were so wet and soft (due to the holes) we could not even cut them the whole week. We did roll them three times in hopes of making them roll better. Monday we were finally dry enough to top dress the greens and we loaded them down with sand. the issue is that the turf has already grown tall enough to slow down the process of dragging the sand into the holes which requires even more sand.
Before we could add more sand we had a couple of chemical applications that needed to be done to the greens. One that was done Tuesday and was a herbicide for goose grass/crab grass and the one we did today was a fungicide for the Fairy Ring. we are now topdressing again and will be dragging them in again right after. With only a four day week due to the 4th of July we still have hopes of having them put as well as possible by the weekend.