Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New swimming pool pumps and salt water conversion.

Last week we started the 1st stage of our salt water conversion to our swimming pool. Within the project was the change out of our old pumping system to our pool. Let me first thank everyone that has been involved with the project which would not have been done without these key persons helping out. Bubby Guidry, Stan Gomez, Ronnie Chaupetta, Arthur Parker, David Trege, Mark Hayne (Furbie), and our Assistant/Equipment Technician Richard Troxclair and Myself.

Our 1st stage of this project was the installation of the salt water equipment in which Mr. Stan Gomez was able to get us a super great price on. We plumbed in all of the hardware and dumped 9,000lbs of salt into the pool on Friday. This last Monday we had the salt water pool specialist fly in and give us a class on the programming aspects of the equipment. Tuesday morning Mr. Bubby Guidry sent two of his men over with two brand new stainless steel motor mounts and installed them along with helping us install the new motor and pumps (I cannot express my gratitude for this help enough). After that step was completed Ricky and myself plumbed in the lines for the new pumps and Furbie showed up at the perfect time for us to turn everything back on and test it. We had no issues with the new system and everything worked perfectly (as we would hope for). We actually have more water moving through the new system then I have ever seen in my 20 years at the club which brings me to the last thing I need to mention. Special thanks to David Trege (big nut) for getting the motor and pumps sized and purchased at another great price to the club and also to Ronnie Chaupetta for all of his years of working with the pool and these great guys that have helped us out.