Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This week I am in Orlando for our Golf Course Superintendents conference

I have four classes I am taking this week at the GIS. Mondays classes were on the Rules Of Golf and New herbicides for old weeds. I found the Rules of Golf class very interesting because it covered course set up for both tournaments and every day play. I am hoping to use this new information to improve our course as well as trying to improve the every day experience for the golfers. The second class was about the new class of chemicals that has been introduced to the market to help control weeds as well as research on new and old chemicals.

Today I have two more classes. The first is zero waste, a low cost model to improve your facility. The second class is enhanced weed management for warm season grasses. I hope to bring new information to help improve our course.

Wednesday and Thursday I have to attend the trade show and visit with our current vendors as well as  trying to establish new contacts that may be able to offer competition that may help save us money on our future needs.