Monday, February 17, 2014

Finally some decent weather

I have to admit the beginning of this year has been down right wet and cold. This is one of the hardest winters I can remember experiencing in a long time. But with temperatures forecast to be in the 70's this week maybe things are about to turn around.

Even though we had a lot on my list of things to get done, the weather has been holding us back. With all of the rain it has been too wet to even get on the course to trim trees. Because of the unusual weather a large part of my crew has been taking off due to lack of work. I hope this weeks weather will be the beginning of us getting back to work on the course.

Today we will start spraying the clovers around the course. We are also able to send out all of our mowers to try to help clean up the course. Another thing we are going to start is trimming out a few of the bunkers that have started to creep into the sand area (#2). I have my cup guy out making sure the cups are level with the top of the greens since we started to cut back at our .130" height setting last week. As soon as the chemical gets delivered  we will spray the greens to remove the poa. Before long we will also start our greens program for our spring transition.

I hope to have more info as the week goes by but for now why not come out and enjoy the break in the winter weather!