Friday, January 10, 2014

10 days into the new year and no new post yet?

SORRY, but I will try not to do it again. This year has started off very cold which has given us a chance to start some repairs in the kitchen area of the clubhouse. We are trying to organize it and help our head CHEF Ann get a better feel for what she has. We also spent a day cleaning the stove and grease hood for her.

We have repaired a leak on #15 fairway yesterday. The cold weather and rain has held us up but finally with the temperatures in the 50's yesterday it gave us a chance to get it glued back together.

The fountain on #15 is currently down for repairs. A plate and bolt had come off which kept the fountain from pushing the water into the air. The company is sending us the parts free of charge and we hope to have it repaired by next weekend.