Friday, December 6, 2013

Maintenance Department Improvements

Hello Everyone, Its that time of the year where we step back and try to clean up our departments and organize them the best as possible.
This last year we were able to acquire a new Office/Lunch Room trailer. At the time we were already deep into our course maintenance operations and could only do enough to be able to use the building. By acquiring the building it left us with my old office and our lunchroom/bathroom vacant. My plans had been to turn each building into storage facilities. Over the last week we have been gutting the buildings and making any needed repairs then installing new shelves in order to organize all of our stock for the golf course supplies as well as turn my old office into a chemical storage building which would get the chemicals out of our main shop which in turn gives us much needed room in that building. If you look to the right of this post you can see a slide show that shows some of these improvements. While they are still a work in progress they are already 100 times better then what we had before.
One of our next projects will be adding more shelving behind the kitchen in order to get better organized in that department also.