Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Making the greens larger

During this last week we have been working on trying to reclaim our greens to where they were when we renovated them. Over the last 14 years our greens have shrunk due to operator error, mower scalping, or a few other odd reasons. The Board of Directors had ask me to see if we can take them back to where they were or make them larger. The first step was trying to locate where they had been. To do this we used a soil probe and proceeded to probe from the greens out to see where the sand base profile of the greens ended and the clay type soil of the slopes started.

On a few of the greens we elected to go out even further then where they were originally built. These areas we will try to get to grow back in and see how they perform. It is easier to let them grow back to the collar height then to wish we had tried making them bigger from the get go.
It will most likely take a couple of months for these areas to fill back in.