Saturday, December 22, 2012

Clubhouse moves along slowly but it will be amazing when it is completed

It seems like things are slowly getting completed in the efforts to renovate our clubhouse! While the bulk of the work is taking time, it is because our intentions to not only repair what we had but to bring it up to today's requirements. Since we are working on a 50 year old building we are forced to make certain repairs that are not covered under our insurance. Our hopes and intentions are to modernize the building while making it more energy efficient. Here is a list of changes you can see as of now; 1) new Sheetrock ceiling
              2) fireplace is Sheetrock over and will become and electric fireplace
              3) larger front office area
              4) more storage area added
              5) old windows removed
              6) areas for new windows and double doors framed up (should be installed this next week)
              7) brick wall in bar Sheetrock over
              8) vinyl siding is being installed on our soffit's (every building)

This is just a part of what is going on at the moment and we hope to be done with the ballroom area before our annual membership meeting at the end of January.

Thanks for being patient!