Sunday, November 11, 2012

Clubhouse work

I keep getting ask when we will be getting the clubhouse back together? At the moment I only have one answer, "once we get settled with the insurance and decide what we will be doing to the club will we move forward in putting it back together". For now we are going to continue to do any demo work needed. This last week it was decided that due to mold on the Sheetrock behind the tiles in both ballroom bathrooms the tiles had to come out. It is a very good thing that this decision was made as you can see from the picture above. This amount of mold was not typical from Isaac and most likely was from an older issue the club had at one time.

Because of issues like this we are taking our time and making sure what we do is done right. Please remember that this building is 40+ years old and any work being done has to be done right and up to date.