Friday, October 26, 2012

Please do not take our cart keys

Please do not take the keys out of our E-Z-Go carts. We seem to lose about 3 keys a week from our fleet of carts. I know it is easy to forget your own keys at home and just walk up to our fleet and pull one out, but today it cost us money in cart rentals. We have four carts sitting in the cartshed without keys when we had golfers waiting to rent carts. We have not been able to find anyone who can copy these E-Z-Go cart keys, so we can only order them through the company. Since we got the new fleet we have now went through 40 spare keys from people taking our keys. If you have been guilty of borrowing our keys in the past please look around and see if you have any hanging around and return them to the Golf Shop or just place them in the glove box of a cart.