Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Club Championship has begun

The golf course is in great shape this weekend. My crew has stepped it up a notch in the preparations for this years tournament. I know that everyone playing a good round of golf will have a great time, my apologise to those of you that do not play a good round of golf.

This years tournament was a fist for me in many ways. This years cup placements were done with Rob Doyle and Myself. In seventeen years this was the first time the Golf Shop and Maintenance Department came together to set up the three day tournament. By Rob helping myself with his knowledge of the low handicap players we were able to create a game plan for the three day tournament. Fridays round was created to be the hardest round for the Championship Bracket. If you wanted to win you have to bring your A-game. Saturdays round will be the easiest of them all. This round was designed to help the players from the first round have a chance to catch back up but it was also designed to allow the other flights a chance to have an enjoyable round and Sundays round is for all of the marbles so you will find it fair but tuff, after you are supposed to be the best golfers in your prospective flights to win, Right?
Have fun, and special thanks to Rob for actually working with me in the set up.