Saturday, September 1, 2012

Isaac hits riverlands

Hello everyone, it is with a heavy heart that I am able to post this for everyone to know. Hurricane Isaac tore through LaPlace on Wednesday. While the wind damage was severe so was the flood of about 90% of our course. My crew will be hard at work come Monday on cleaning the course up. Our goal will be to get at least 9 holes open as soon as possible. This may allow you to come out and blow off those post-Isaac blues.
Now the bad news, our clubhouse took a beating. Tuesday night some one broke out a rear window to loot the club. By the next morning the rain was blown into the bar and also was running on the floor , to add insult to injury a beam on the patio cover was pushed through the roof which had a flood of water pushed thought eh men's bathroom in the ballroom and the cover also knocked  over a large fixture on the roof and left another big hole in the roof above our beer room. the result was the clubhouse took in a lot of water and the floor is already buckling.
I will try to keep you posted when possible.
I know a lot of our members have also incurred damages and will keep you in my prayers. Until tomorrow!