Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Greens Condition?

I know many may be wondering why our greens are slow to heal over from our aerification three weeks ago as well as why they do not look normal. The storm hit us with a lot of rain and flood waters that had almost all greens under water at the peak surge. This has leached all of our fertility out of the greens. After the surge (or during) a lot of Mole Crickets was flooded from fairways and roughs to end up on the only ground they could get dry which was our greens. To top that off my large shop where the fertilizer is stored took 18" of water which allowed the bags of fertilizer to get wet and unusable. We finally received fertilizer for the greens today and will be applying it in the morning. We will follow that up with an application of fungicide/micro nutrients on Friday. We should start seeing a difference within about 3-4 days. The cooler weather does not help them grow faster either. Another possibility for the discoloration in the greens is salt water from the flood surge. We may end up having to test our soils to see if this is indeed a problem.