Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Aerification Progress

It is only the third day of aerification and the process is moving right along. Due to the rain we have been receiving the last couple of weeks we had to change up our normal routine to include spraying the greens before topdressing the greens. We applied a Fungicide, Micro Nutrients and a growth regulator on Tuesday morning before applying the sand to the greens. We double topdressed the greens after spraying and then started dragging the sand into the holes. This morning we verticut the greens to lift the sand out of the leaf canopy and drug them in again. After this it was determined that more sand was needed, so back to topdressing them and dragging them into the holes again. All of the above will be completed before we leave the golf course today. Tomorrow we will topdress only needed areas followed by dragging them and then we will proceed to rolling them to help smooth them out. Oh yes I forgot, we also took the opportunity to spray a herbicide before the last topdressing today. This herbicides target weed is "Green Killinga" and the main reason we sprayed today is that after the greens had not been cut since Saturday, this weed was extra high, which gives us a lot more leaf surface to apply the herbicide to.