Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Please do not flush hand towels down the toilets!

As you Superintendent of Riverlands Golf and Country Club I have had to wear many different hats in my efforts of keeping cost down so we can care better for your Golf Course. Many members have seen me wearing these hats which include Electrician, Agronomist, Equipment Technician and Master Plumber. Every time I have to put on one of these hats it saves Riverlands countless dollars, but it also takes me away from my golf course duties. Lately I have had to use my plumbers hat too often and for the simple fact that some one has flushed hand towels into the toilets in the locker rooms. It seems like it is once per week I am having to chase out the main 4" line. Do you understand that if we had to call out a plumber to do this job we would be paying around $300- $500 per visit.

I am asking you to please do not flush hand towels down the toilets. As a step to help with the problem we will be placing an extra roll of paper on the back of the toilets, just in case the paper holder runs out. Please understand that our building and plumbing is 50 years old and was built before the thought of water saving toilets ever came to mind (which we now use). I can understand the need for extra paper to get the job done and hope that you can understand that it is also perfectly acceptable to flush the toilet twice in order to help me keep from having to wear my plumbers hat.

Thank you for any help you can give.