Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Leaking Water Main

This last Friday we noticed water flowing from the plant bed in front of our Golf Shop and did some investigating to find that our main water line for the club had developed a leak. Already knowing it was a 6" main with a 2" reducer in the area we had decided to leave it be over the weekend. Being it was Friday and a possibility that trying to make a repair could result in no water for at minimum a few hours and at maximum until Monday it was far smarter to let it leak until Monday when we could shut it down for the full day. What we found was much like we anticipated, a 6" line that was reduced to a 2" to feed the club. the 2" PVC adapter had split. What you see below is the new fitting and telescoping adapter. Luckily we had the parts on hand and had the water back on by lunch. Our Assistant Ricky and a few helping hands did a great job of the repair and getting the area back like it was before.