Thursday, January 12, 2012

Moving Dirt!

With the beginning of the new year we are starting a few projects that has either been put off or had been left for the winter to complete.

On #10 we are expanding the pond in order to use the soil to complete promised projects. The first and biggest project you may have noticed is the new tee boxes on #1, #6, #15 and #17 which will be the senior ladies tees. The Ladies had Donated $400 towards the fuel for these projects this last summer.

On #17 you may have already seen us dig up the soil we had pulled out of the small pond and mounded two years ago. Part of this soil was used for the new tee box while the rest was used to cover over the concrete we placed along the bank to fight erosion.

The next Project will be the start of the mounding on #12 Fairway bunker. The plan as of now will be to build the mounds and let them settle (they will shrink) before moving forward.

We also have plans on installing the pipe on #6 for the new walk to what will be a new tee box across the pond.

I expect to be working on these projects throughout the month of January.