Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Digging a Pond

The pond on the right of #10 is finally starting to shape up. With just the sloping of the top shelf of the bank left to do before we cut the dam into the other section of the pond, I hope to get that part completed this week if the weather gives us the opportunity.

As you can see we are getting a lot of soil moved into the old fairway bunker on #12. I get a lot of comments on how big it will be but rest assure that when we start shaping that soil it will end up about 20% lower then you are seeing it currently. We still have more soil to move to complete the mounding that will replace the bunker. This soil will come from the opposite side of the pond when we enlarge the first pond towards #7 tee and the pine tree grove.

The enlargement of this pond area will also serve as water retention area for our bigger rains and hopefully help to keep the old ditch area a little dryer.

Just another small step in building a better golf course.