Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Board of Directors Elections

   January 25, 2012 will be the Annual Membership and elections meeting at the club. Please be sure to attend or cast your vote in absentee.

   As of now we have one person running for each position of President (Grant Faucheux), 1st Vice President (James Hymel), 2nd Vice president (Ronald Chaupetta), Treasurer (Richard Bratcher), and Secretary (Charles {Chuck} Rousselle), and three to be elected from Allen Constantine (up for re-election), Martin Crawford (up for re-election), Alan Marrero (up for re-election), Larry Lehans, James Fuselier, Arthur Parker. During the elections at the club, you may nominate anyone from the floor for any position.
   Anyone that cannot attend the elections may cast their vote in absentee by checking with the office with Mae Capati, after January 5th. Please remember that in order to vote you must be a stock holding member in good standing with the club (your account has to be up to date).