Monday, November 7, 2011

Overseeded Tees

I apologize about posting this late but I have been very busy working in the office.

We overseeded all of the par 3 tees as well as the Driving Range Tee. You may have seen that these tees are a little wet from the extra irrigation watering we have been doing to help the seeds germinate. We will also be adding more seed over the next few weeks.
Breaking up the applications into multiple times is done for a few reasons, the most important is so that one big rainstorm does not wash off the seed unexpectedly. I remember one year at Chateau when we seeded our greens and got 2" of rain after. We ended up using a shop vac to try to get the seeds back up and then we re-applied the next Monday only to go through it all over again. This happened four times in a row. After that year we learned to break up the applications just in case.