Friday, October 21, 2011

2011 Club Championship Tournament

Welcome to our 2011 Club Championship Tournament.

     We are challenged this year due to not currently having a Golf Pro but Rob and myself have teamed up to try to give everyone a very good weekend of golf.
     I want to say that the course setup for this tournament was all my doing, so if there are any complaints do not take them to Rob it is not his fault. He is currently handling all of the player set up and will be at every ones disposal for any rulings that may be needed. I had teamed up with him on deciding GUR areas and any course issue we may of had. I find it very good to be a part of this years Club Championship Team.
     The course is set up for a three day Tournament for the presidential flight and two days for the rest of the flights. I chose the pin locations by trying to get a mixture of easy to hard placements with the least amount of old cup marks and ball marks around the placements. This tournament is supposed to allow us to find out who is the best golfer on the course and everyone will be chasing Richard Bratcher again this year in trying to dethrone him.
     Remember that this is a multi-day tournament and tomorrows set up will be a change up from today's with Sundays being the highlight of the show. Do not look forward to the course getting more difficult as the weekend progresses, that is not the purpose of setting up a course. My goal was to give a good course set up while also understanding as the limitations on golfers as the weekend move forward. You will not see the tee markers moved to white or red tee boxes. If you practiced for this tournament this week you will play it in a similar fashion. While some holes may be hard others will be easier. and these will change from day to day.
    If you are reading this post you are lucky in that I will give a few tips to my followers. Today we are playing from the yellow spots while tomorrow will be the red spots and Sunday will be the blue spots. Think out your shots to the green, On #16 we have a back right placement that can only be putted from the right side of the green (unless you are lucky) this may be the hardest placement I have for the weekend. The course is currently drying out and I will not be using the irrigation system during the duration of the tournament. we will hand water hot spots on the green is all and very lightly. So the course should play firm and fast while getting faster as the tournament progresses.
    Good luck to all and may the best golfer win!