Friday, September 2, 2011

Continued work on #3 bunkers

We completed the sod work on the middle bunker and slope area behind #3 green yesterday. With tropical depression #13 sitting on our doorsteps we used every worker available yesterday to sod some of the area behind #3 green yesterday in order to keep it from getting washed out. With the left bunker still to be completed as well as the space between the left and middle bunkers we can only hope for little wash out. We are installing an island type area in the middle of the left bunker. this will cut down on the overall size of the bunker and the cost to upkeep it down the road. The sod area that we are adding will also hlep with our equipment turning around behind the green. We still have the drainage to improve in all of the bunkers and new sand to add but with possibly four days of rain expected we needed to wrap up what we could for the time being.