Friday, September 9, 2011

#1 Green scalped

I wanted to give a heads up to all that our mower scalped #1 green again yesterday. The 4 days of rain from Tropical Storm Lee kept us from cutting the green until Wednesday in which we had raise up our HOC to .150". On Thursday we cut again with our other mower at the same height and the mower scalped the green. We changed mowers halfway through only to find the other mower scalped it also. We had to again raise our height of cut in order to eliminate the issue but that leaves us cutting the highest on over 4 years. The greens have become so thick it is causingthe scalping. if you notice in this picture all of the scalped areas are located in the dark green areas whcih happen to be the tickest areas. Monday we will be verticutting the greens severely in order to try to thin them out and solve the problem. The scalped areas will heal over in a few days.