Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ione Bean keeps it looking great!

    The Tee bed on hole #17 is by far the best on the course, and this is all thanks to Ione Bean. I do not know what she is feeding that Crepe Myrtle but it looks better then any other on the course. She has also started branching out with her green thumb by adding flowers and plants to other tee beds and the back area of the club house. But make no mistakes about it #17 seems to be her pride, I guess looking at it every day makes it worth all of her hard work.

    We also have others that have stepped up and started to fix a few tee beds. #2, #3, #5, #9 and #10 have had some sort of work done to them in the last year with Grant Faucheux's #10 tee bed coming in behind Ione's #17 bed. I know that Kim and Duane Leier have done a lot of work on those beds as well as Duane Leier hauling Ralph Bean out to pull weeds with him.

Thanks everyone they look awesome. If we get a few more people taking care of these beds I may need to start a yearly Tee bed contest.