Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family time on the golf course

I want to take a few minutes to bring up a very important safety suggestion. During the summer when school is out we start seeing a lot of members bringing their young ones out for some golf and family time. In some cases the young ones are very young. After watching a young gentleman and his son today I had noticed a very important safety issue, which I discussed with him, and I want to relay to everyone else. When riding with the little golfers or passengers be aware that when you leave the cart you are placing him in a dangerous situation. Most young ones try to imitate their dads and play at driving the cart. As much as I love to see the bonding time it is more important to make sure you left him safe and in most cases this is not the way it is.
"When you get out of your cart please turn off the key or place the cart in nuetral so if the little tike accidently steps on the gas pedal the cart does not take off injuring him or worse". It is more important to keep him safe then to play golf so a little thinking can go along way.