Thursday, May 19, 2011

Topdressing the greens today?

Here is the scoop, we have been double cutting the greens all this week getting the prepared for this weekends Member Guest tournament. I was hoping the holes would cover better but the cooler weather slowed the growth down to some extent. Since it is almost impossible to cut greens after topdressing when there is dew on them I had held off wanting to get the double cutting done throughout the week. We are topdressing them lightly today and dragging the sand in with our drag brooms. Our weekend schedule will be us rolling the greens in the mornings and dragging and cutting them in the evenings after the tournament round is completed. Due to the growth regulator we sprayed last Friday we are only getting 1/3 of the cutting basket full of leaf tissue after cutting all 21 greens (we generally get that much on one green). So  the overnight growth on the greens will be minimal and the greens should roll truer if not faster also. Remember my goal was not to produce extremely fast greens but true rolling greens. the speed is just a combination of double cutting/growth regulator/topdress sand.

Also if you are not playing in the tournament please remember that the course will be closed the rest of the day so we can drag and cut the greens.