Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lines on the greens? "please read"

Yesterday many may of seen unusual lines on the greens. While I had came into work yesterday morning, it was for a very short time due to J-Rock coming to my house to do some sheetrock work for me. I was not aware of these lines yesterday. This morning though is another issue.

First let me tell you the cause of the lines. Simply put our water hose that was being used sprung a very bad leak. For some reason the operator of the hose continued to use it even though he should of stopped and swapped hoses out (he got his butt chewed out for that). The leak in the hose caused sand to be pushed out of its desired location which caused grooves in the greens where the water hit. This morning we are attempting to get the sand back into place using the water, but this is not the right fix. The proper way to get them back to normal will simply be dragging them again with our drag matts. A very simple and easy fix with one exception, the greens need to be dry in order to use the drag matts.

I have no excuse for this issue and take full responsibility for any inconvenience this may have caused you and your golf game, and apologize. I should of made a point to check out my crews work before leaving for my own personal needs. I hold myself completely responsible and realize that taking a little time off now and then is not always the best thing for the club.

That being said, another truth is that we do not own one water hose without a leak in it. Most of our water hoses have been repaired multiple times and are in desperate need of replacing. I will be addressing the board this week about new hoses. Having bad hoses is my fault since I have never even requested their replacement. The water hoses we use are a 1" diameter and should be able to withstand up to 200lbs of pressure and cost around $200-$250 each. It is hard to approach the board about needing $500-$750 for water hoses when we have so many more pressing needs, we just try to make due. The damage is minimal and quickly fixed and I hope to learn from this lesson. Grant Faucheux just hates to get bad news from me and it seems like that's all I have these days.

Again, I apologize.