Friday, May 6, 2011


I want to pass on to everyone a little information on the drought we have been experiencing. It has been over a month since we have experienced any type of rainfall. The swamps are almost dry as well as the level in the lake. It is my task to keep our turf growing throughout Mother-Natures different extremes. Since we are lucky enough to have an automated irrigation system in which we can water completely at night in order not to inconvience our members. Due to this watering schedule we will at times find sprinklers that either stayed on all night or never came on in the first place. Most members will not see our fairways get watered since they are generally coming on after midnight. On any given day of watering the whole course we will use around 750,000 gallons of water. All this water is provided to use through our parish drainage canals, so lets hope they stay full OK.