Thursday, March 17, 2011

My new 4 year old 4-legged son

Tuesday my wife and I drove to Texas to pick up our newest addition to our family. We have adopted a four old male Rhodesian Ridgeback named "Java Joe" He is actually larger then any of my past kids but full of play and love. I took these pictures as we were picking him up and driving home. We adopted him from the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Service which help us last year to place Aeriel in her new home in Alabama. We were lucky we passed all of their requirements for an adoptive home. I have great respect in how they strive to save as many "best friends" as possible and make sure they are placed in a good loving home. I highly advise anyone looking for a best friend to first search the rescue services of the breed they desire. These rescue clubs make sure the pets are well taken care of unlike the animal shelters (nothing wrong with those either). They are kept by foster homes who love animals and only desire that they get the right home as well as the adopting family get the right pet. By adopting a four year old dog instead of a puppy we do not have to deal with the normal potty training issues as well as the destructive nature of dogs under two years old (that is not to say older dogs are not destructive either). Almost every breed of best friends have their own rescue service club, all you have to do is search the internet.
Do not expect to see him out here too soon though since he has to go through bonding time and obedience training first.