Saturday, March 5, 2011

Membership drive! How you can help!

Pretty much everyone knows our membership drives the financial side of our club. So with our membership at an all time low (at least in my 13 years) it is essential that we all work to get it back up. In today's economy, our club needs about 400 members to thrive. This is where we have enough revenue to not only pay our must have bills but to actually keep up all of the health requirements our turf demands. I call these requirements "Programs", and they consist of proper fertility, disease controls and weed controls. Another area that is affected by our low membership is in the proper preventative maintenance on equipment. My department has managed to build up a fleet of equipment in the last 16 years that enabled us to have backup machines for practically every area of need. What once was a very poor collection of needed equipment is now 200% better, but due to the recent economy has slipped backwards to some degree. Wise investing through the first 11 years of my 16 year tenure had allowed us a little leeway through the last 5 years.
Our BOD has come up with a new membership drive which I think is a pretty good offering. If you have a friend who you think may want to join our club you can offer him a certificate for a free months trial membership. After filling out the proper paperwork, your friend (prospective member) can have use of our facilities on a cash basis (no charges).

For more details on this special offering please contact the proshop.

We have a great product to offer to any new member as most of you will agree. We just need more members to help maintain it. "This is your club" and we need you to pass the word around. It does not cost you or the club anything by getting the word out and any extra play brings in revenue which after paying our must have bills is returned to the golf course.