Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Todays technology = I-Stimp


Here is a good video on one of the newest fads on the market. If you have an I-Phone you can actually measure the speed of the greens now.

I heard about this a few weeks ago and knew right away this would be trouble. Not trouble for golf course Superintendents as much as the Pro-Shop or Club Marshalls. I can see this slowing down play if golfers actually start trying to use these things. The biggest issue Superintendents have with the tool called the Stimp-meter is with the golfers trying to use the readings to manage the speed of the greens or dictate how the Superintendent does his job by demanding faster greens due to these readings. It is important to understand that the Stimp-Meter was developed by a Superintendent who was desiring a way to gauge the consistency from one green to another. These Stimp-Meter is used in most of the Pro Tournaments today for the same reason. They are sent out with a crew and after the green is mowed it is checked for the speed and if it does not meet the tournament guidelines the green is mowed another time and the speed is again taken. This continues until the green reaches the desired speed for the tournament. Depending on conditions around and to each green some greens only need one mowing while others may take 4-5 mowings.