Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old termite damages

Sorry I have not made any new post this week but I have been very busy working on a very important repair in our clubhouse. A few years back we noticed we had termites in some of the outside walls of the clubhouse. It was brought to my attention that we could see damage from them and were just hiding the damages with pictures. I investigated the damages to find that we were experiencing some major structural damages which could end up costing the club some big dollars if not taken care of right away. In short we had to repair about 15' of one of our main overhead support beams and the post holding the beam up. The whole trick to replacing the needed support structure was to get large post in place to take the load off the beam while we cut it apart and rebuilt it. While I am not a Carpenter by trade I saw this as a new challenge and within my expertise. Yesterday we completed the structural support and today we will work on installing the new sheetrock and cleaning up. Here is a few pictures of our damages.