Monday, February 28, 2011

MGA opening day invitational was a huge success

Sunday's MGA opening day invitational was a huge success with a very large turnout of golfers. The tournament brought in just over $1,600 for the maintenance of the golf course. This was fantastic, and every dollar is being spent on the greens. I have already placed the order for fertilizer, micro-nutrients, and growth regulators. We were able to afford enough granular fertilizer to last us almost all year as well as the base chemicals for our spring transition. The total of this bill is around $2,600 but thanks to the people that participated in the Super Bowl pool ,we had enough dedicated to the golf course to cover the other $1,000 of the chemical bill. I cannot tell you how much easier I will sleep knowing we are stepping up to get our course back on track.

Please remember that this is your course and that you are making a difference and by just playing golf. That has to make some members feel good. I expect from time to time we will be having more of these types of tournaments where the funds will be ear-marked for a specific use on the course.

Thanks to all who participated in the tournament and Super Bowl pool. This is money well spent.