Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rolling the greens

I had a member stop me this morning and ask why we were rolling the greens since they were plenty fast already. This is a great question!

In the winter time the turf goes dormant. When this happens we cannot cut the grass with our reel type mowers. The main reason for this is when we sharpen our reels they are adjusted to where the reel just barely touches the bedknife. When two metals move so close to each other they generate heat. In order to help keep them cool we use the liquid inside the leave tissue of the plant much like oil. So while you are actually cutting the grass the blades are being cooled and when their is no grass to cut, like now, you lose the cooling effect which can cause damage to the reels.

In the winter time when our greens does go dormant we switch to rolling the greens in order to remove the morning dew. We use two different rollers to accomplish the task throughout the winter months. The first one we use is our greens mower. We raise the height of our cutting reels so they do not get close to the surface of the green and rely on the front and rear roller to do the job for us. This greens mower is the lightest piece of equipment we own but it also leaves small tire indentations on the green due to it's weight. We use a bigger pull behind roller once a week in order to help remove the tire indentations. The whole idea is to keep the greens clean for play while trying to keep them as smooth as possible.

So you can now see that we are not trying to make them any faster, just trying to make you golf day more enjoyable.