Thursday, December 2, 2010

Overgrown bushes

Sometimes when you plant certain plants or bushes you have good intentions of just making an area look better, but it just does not work out completely as planned. These evergreen bushes were very small when they were given to me so I had thought I had the perfect place to use them and make an unsightly area look better. What was thought to be a small to medium sized bush ended up being a tree. While they did look rather nice along the side of the brick cartshed they were presenting a few problems. The first is that they were growing into the soffit and facia of the building and took a lot of time to trim due to their size. Another problem was that the red wasp really loved hiding out in them. Yet another problem was that many members felt that they made a great garbage can and threw their bottles or cans into them. The last problem was that they were just to big and took up valuable space where carts could park or drive. I am currently deciding what to do with this area. My first option is to concrete over it to make more cart parking. If that option does not work out I guess I will look at getting some sun loving plants that should only grow about 2'-3' tall max.