Thursday, October 21, 2010

A true friend and family member passes on

Max R Buddy born 7-4-1998 passed to heaven 10-20-2010

I have the sad but proud job to tell the members that have constantly asked about the health and well being of my best friend and son, R Max-a-Million R Buddy that after suffering a stroke during a simple dental surgery and a week of trying everything possible to help him recover, that last night he has went on to live with our lord and savior. I know he will be there waiting on us when we finally are called up. Max was truly one of a kind as he felt everyone was a friend (and might have a treat). There was not a dry eye in the Vets office and they had told us that Max has the lone honor of actually having everyone on their staff in tears. I thank the many members that have shown him the love he deserved and gave back.

I will be planting a Living Legacy Tree in his memory. Goodbye Max!