Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moving forward with or Tree Legacy Program

When I announced this program a little over a week ago I had no idea of the impact it would take on our memberships desire to help our club retain one of it's most valuable asset's, it's trees. In little over a week we have sold out all 20 of the oak trees I had purchased. I had also been planning on building a retaining area for trees and plants that we may purchase or grow ourselves until they were ready to be put into the ground. Yesterday I had to make those plans happen. What you see in this picture is an area by my shop where we have laid down a ground cover and installed racks to tie the trees to. We had run an irrigation pipe to this area last year and all we have to do now is hook it up to the trees. This area will allow us to propagate our own plants and trees in the future and we have room for it to grow.

We still have to set a date for the planing of the trees. Right now I am leaning towards the beginning of next week even though I had wanted to do it this week. The reason for the extra time is for me to coordinate the plantings of all 20 trees at once or to break it up into smaller groups. I also still have to get with each individual that has purchased trees to get their assigned placement picked. Thank everyone that is participating in this program. We will keep the program running for years to come but we need to proceed with the first stage then get a list of tree types for any future plantings.