Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Living Legacy Tree Program

I wanted to update everyone that has showed interest in this program. We sold out all 20 spots and I have many other members showing an interest in participating in the program.

Let me start by telling everyone that this program will continue as long as I am employed at Riverlands. The Live Oaks was just the first phase of the program. We got a really good deal on the trees and found 20 spots on the course where they can grow to full maturity without really effecting play. The second phase will consist of trees that will be a little more in play but will provide us with a lot of color in the fall and winter months much like the trees we have planted over the last three years. Phase 2 will center on replacing our pines that have died from the Pine bark beetles. I will be scouting the local markets as well as my connections on the north shore wholesalers to get the best price possible for our members. The $50 charge per tree reflected the great price we got. The trees we planted over the last three years has averaged a cost of $125 per tree, wholesale. I will be working on getting better prices but in order to do so I may have to buy in bulk which means we will have to get everyone who wants to be a part of phase 2 to step up before we place an order. As soon as the phase 1 trees are planted I will start phase 2. Thanks for the participation everyone and what a great way to help rebuild our courses most valuable asset, Grow a tree for a loved one.