Friday, October 15, 2010

Living Legacy Tree Program

This idea had been in the works for about three years but with recent events we have finally pushed up our desire to implement it.

Honor a loved one or special event with a Living Legacy Tree
Memorial trees are a moving and beneficial
way to honor or remember a loved one.
   A positive way to expand our club’s involvement
in re-planting trees is through the creation of a Living
Legacy Tree Program. Trees promote healing for
grieving families and friends who have suffered a loss,
and these trees serve as a living tribute to friends both
living and passed on. The new trees resulting from this
program provide needed ascetics and a sense of comfort
to those in need.
How does a Living Legacy Tree Program
   Riverlands Golf and Country Club has procured 20
Live Oak Trees in 20-gallon pots at a cost of $50 each
and will install, water and maintain them. Memorial trees
may be planted at special ceremonies, which can be
arranged by the clubs Board of Directors, or donors may
arrange a dedication ceremony through the clubs
management directors, with consideration to the timing
of planting (the right season or within the course
maintenance schedule).
   Riverlands will adopt a numbering system in regard to
the placement of all trees within this program. After a
careful study of the grounds by the Tree Planting Committee
to determine where trees are needed and the type of tree
for each location, a plan will be posted that will include
the placement spot for each tree, type of tree and the time
of the
year that the trees can be planted for our members to choose from. The placements that are approved for the planting of
trees will use a numbering system for the purpose of defining
the specific sites for the members to choose from.  If you are interested in obtaining a Living Legacy Tree, contact Randy Smith, Grant Faucheux or a board member to start the process.
Why a Living Legacy Tree program is good for
Riverlands Golf and Country Club?
   After hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated South
Louisiana, we had lost over 30 trees from our course.
The foresight of our founding members had left our course populated with many large trees before these storms.
While the damages to our golf course trees were not
substantial enough to take away from our courses original
layout at the time, we had not foreseen the long-term
damages that were to follow a year later from an invasion
of the Pine Bark Beetle that had been killing out large populations of pine trees north of the lake. In the summer
of 2006 we had finally seen the first indications of the
problems that would eventually kill thirty pine trees and
leave more than a hundred more pine trees mortally
      While our club is working on a solution that will
stop the invasion within our budget, we have decided on
getting proactive in the replacement of the trees already
lost. We currently have located many sites for these new
trees to be planted. These sites were chosen specifically
to add needed character to our course as well as doubling
 as safety screens from badly hit shots from adjoining
holes. We have already implemented a planting program
in which we have replaced over 30 trees.
Why is Riverlands starting a Living Legacy
Tree Program?
   Riverlands Golf and Country Club has always been
 a member-owned club where its members have shown
a special pride in what they owned. Our club has always
been run on a tight budget in order to keep its membership
dues down. With a minimum of one hundred trees needing
to be planted and the possibility of another two to three
hundred needed in the future, as well as the cost of the
removal of the dead or infected trees, we have directed
 our manager’s to look at alternative methods of achieving
the replanting of one of our courses most valuable assets;
...our trees.... without having to raise our memberships dues.
              Why plant a Living Legacy Tree?
   A Living Legacy Tree can be a living remembrance of
a loved one or a celebration of a happy event. It provides
a sense of belonging and community. In addition, trees are
 a growing and living symbol of the individuals they
represent, a symbol of rebirth. A Living Legacy Tree is a wonderful honor for individuals or organizations to make
 in someone’s name. It is a gift that keeps on growing.

Who does the planting and when will the new
trees be planted?
   Riverlands Maintenance crew will be responsible for
 the planting of all of trees. The planting of trees will
only take place during the cooler months from October
through April. This will help ensure the best chances
of survival for each tree.  After planting, Riverlands
will take care of watering, pruning and other maintenance
needed to the planted trees.
               Where does the donation for the tree go?
   Living Legacy Trees costs run between $50 - $150.
The trees are 15-45 gallon size, 6 to 12 feet tall and 1
to 4 inch caliper. The Club’s management or tree committee
will help individuals select an appropriate species and an appropriate location for the tree. The species selected must
be suitable for Riverlands climate and soil to increase the
tree’s chance of survival. The Club purchases, plants and maintains the trees. The Club will not install any memorial plaques, but will instead keep a dedicated Memorial Tree Picture listing the names of the sponsors or the sponsored
in the Club House for all to view (this may take a few
months to design and implement).
                             How can I get involved?
   Anyone interested in purchasing a Living Legacy Tree
should contact the club’s management. Those interested
in supporting the program can attend the Club’s tree
planting ceremonies as they occur. To find out when a
ceremony is planned, check with the Club’s Office.