Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just what is going on at our pool?

Riverlands will have swimmers using our pool all winter this year. The board had voted to rent our pool out to Swim Coach Joe Fritscher throughout the coming winter. Joe brings several important things to our pool beside his expertise in swimming. As you can see in the pictures, those big blue tarps are actually solar heating blankets which help keep the pool warmer. He also will be installing two heaters that he owns. Joe has been getting donations as well as using his own money that would enable us to run a gas line from #4 to the back of our swimming pool pump station. Within three weeks you will see our crew laying the donated piping in the ground. It is very important that everyone realize that Riverlands will not be spending any money in this venture. We will donate our personal labor to get the gas line installed which may also help us down the road if we ever decide that we want to make the switch from propane to natural gas. With a heated pool Riverlands may become the premier training ground throughout the parishes.