Wednesday, October 27, 2010

7413 visitors to date

When I started this blog site a year ago I did it because of the memberships desire to know more of what was going on at their course. My only goal was to keep members informed. I have since learned that it is also a great way to get messages out about our needs and goals. I am really amazed that in one year I have had almost 7500 visitations to my blog. That averages out to 20.3 visits per day. Thank you all for making this site run because without you visiting it there would be no reason for me to keep up with it. My goal is always to help Riverlands and it's Membership and while this site does take some effort, it has been fun for me to use and keep up. I hope to continue getting better and more creative in how I use the site to relay our clubs messages to you our membership.

Thanks Everyone