Friday, September 17, 2010

Skinny stalks in some of the Fairways?

I am sure some members are wondering about the many skinny stalks poking out of our fairways.

These are seed heads for nutsedge. The reason you still see them after we cut the fairways is because it is difficult for the reel mowers we use to cut them due to their length. A better mower to use would be a rotary mower like you would use for you home lawn. On a reel mower there are a number of blades on the reel (9). the larger amount of blades means the gap between each blade gets smaller. because of the small gap in our fairway mower blades the reel cannot pull the stalks into it to be cut. When we were cutting everyday (or almost) the heads were kept short enough to get cut. Due to rains and the weekend, the stalks got to long to get cut with our mowers. It is a phase the plant is going through and they should disappear before too long. This situation is much like the one we had with the greens in the spring. Due to us not using a growth regulator which suppressed the seed heads we are now seeing the after effects which we had not seen in past years when we used the chemicals.