Friday, September 3, 2010

Par 3 Tournament

This weekends par 3 tournament is shaping up to become quite an event. Each day I am hearing more and more coments about it for the good. So if you are not planning on playing I have to ask why not?

I want to bring it to your attention that Allen Constantine and Grant Faucheux have been the driving force behind this new format of a tournament as well as two of the most giving members in terms of donations to the club. I know for a fact in the last two years their contributions have been well over $7000 combined and that is not counting their dues. They have also volunteered their time and labor to help make Riverlands a better club, and they have done all of this because of their pride in your club. So if for no other reason, you should be playing in this tournament just to show your respect and backing for two of your board members that has been busting their butts for you.

sing up in the pro shop or call in and have your name put on the list. Tee off is at 10am Sunday.