Monday, September 6, 2010

Par 3 tournament, what a blast!

Give Grant Faucheux and Allen Constantine kudos for a great day of golf. We did not have one negative comment, only had a few great suggestions for the next one. It looks like we have found a way to make long holiday weekends a little more fun and got to give a little back to the patriots of our country. I have a link if you wish to view the pictures.

 We even had a club throwing contest from the driving range tee which brought lots of laughter. I am still working on getting those pictures uploaded.

I do have a list of the first place winners and it ended up in a tie so congratulations and thanks to all for making it a very memorable holiday weekend.

Liz Torres
Bob Alito
Jeff Pennebaker
Todd Prudhomme

James Fuselier
Larry Leehans
Jay Bonnette
Blind Draw

Even know it was not part of the format I wanted to post the overall lowest score or scores since there was a tie with a low 50 which was 4 under par (I guess I should of made it a little harder)
Rick Bratcher and James Fuselier had the tie.