Friday, September 3, 2010

Next Project on our list

I think everyone knows by now just how effective the drainage project on #7 has been. Well we now have plans for a simular project for the ditch on #10.As soon as we slow down on our grass cutting duties we plan on running a subsurface drainage system through the ditch that runs across #10. We will again use a sump pump system which will allow us to not only drain the main ditch but it will also drain parts of the ditch that runs along #12. We will also get to connect the drainage system that runs down the right side of #10 which will dry out about 60 % of the hole. We have already acquired a pump and some wiriing and we still have a little bit of the drainage pipe left as well as lots of rock so our cost will be pretty low.

I am looking forward to putting another really bad wet area behind us. I will keep you updated.