Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Golf Course Flags!

I want to thank the anonymous donor for their very kind donation of $1,000 for us to purchase new flags for our greens. This allow me to purchase 3 complete sets of flags in the three different colors for our front, middle and back pin placements. I personally want my special thanks to go out to this individual and her family because to tell you the truth, I had become embarrassed and ashamed just looking at our old flags. The generous Donation also allow me to purchase new practice putting green flags for our three putting greens. I am sure their name will come out eventually, but not through my blog as I wish to respect the donor's desire to stay anonymous. My personal thanks, and if you ever need anything please feel free to ask.

One last remark, the normal white flag for the middle green pin placement is now outlined with a green border and stitching. This is the same pattern used on our tournament flags. It was recommended that the color stitching allows the flags to be better seen from a distance.