Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ladies Ballroom bathroom plumbing issues

Attention all Ladies, as many of you may already know, we have been having ongoing issues with the plumbing in the Ladies Ballroom bathrooms. The problem we have is the 50 year old sewage line gets plugged up causing the toilets to over flow. From my personal investigation I have come up with several causes for this problem. The first issue is that the 50 year-old sewage line has either a break in it or has become slightly separated at a point between the men's and ladies bathrooms. The line runs under the floor down the middle of the rooms. The Ladies side of the building has sunk a little which also may be part of the cause. Due to this sinkage, the Ladies side of the sewage line holds about 1" of water all of the time which, causes anything that is flushed into the toilet that is not a degradable paper to get stuck. Certain feminine products are made out of cotton and do not break down, instead they get stuck in the water and swell up which causes other products to get stopped up behind them when they are flushed. I have climbed up to the roof more then six times lugging a 70lb rooter tool up a ladder in order to clear the line out. Most of the time it has taken 2-5hrs of work to get it cleared and working again. We both know my time is better spent conditioning your golf course rather then playing plumber, so I am asking for everyone's help in keeping these lines clear. We have installed the waste receptacles on the back side of the doors with notices to please use these cans for disposing all of your personal hygiene products. With your help, I may not have to climb back on the roof again. Thank you.